About house concerts

A house concert (or living room concert) is an opportunity to experience good, (mostly) acoustic music in an informal setting. It is also an opportunity to get close to the music (and the musicians!) in a completely different way than what you find at a traditional venue.

How does it work?

As the name implies, the concept is really just a concert being held in a private home - e.g. a living room or another large room in the house with space enough for 25-50 people. Often the musicians will perform without a PA, i.e. entirely "unplugged".
A house concert is usually a non-public event where the guests are invited by the host.
The musicians are typically paid through donations from the guests (the size of the donation possibly being suggested beforehand). In addition the host generally provides food and lodging (e.g. in a spare room) for the musicians - assuming they are from out of town.

What happens at a house concert?

Each host will of course have his/her own way of hosting a house concert, but typically guests will be invited to turn up ½-1 hour before the concert.
The concert itself will usually be 2 x 45 mins with a break halfway to allow the guests to talk to each other - and the musicians. It may also be possible to buy the musicians' CDs.
Sometimes there may be the possibility to enjoy e.g. coffee/tea, beer or soft drinks before/after the concert and during the break. Some hosts also choose to serve some form of snacks, food etc. Other choose to do a pot luck where the guests themselves bring food and/or drinks.

What is required by the guests?

A house concert is a concert - not a party with music. If you bear that in mind as a guest and come to experience the music and respect that you are a guest in a private home, you should be fine!
If you are interested in hosting a house concert with one of the artists that we represent, please feel free to contact us.