Jez Lowe

Jez Lowe
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"Jez does sad songs, lyrical songs and funny songs, but I’ve yet to hear him do a bad song in a 35-year career"
    – Tony Hendry, The Living Tradition 

"The best singer-songwriter to come out of the UK for a long time"
    – Richard Thompson
With more than 20 releases behind him Jez Lowe is one of the most well-established singer-songwriters on the English folk scene. His career spans a period of more than three decades and his songs have been recorded by numerous artists, incl. The Dubliners, Fairport Convention, Mary Black and The McCalmans to name but a few.
Jez hails from North-East England and many of his songs are rooted in his native area and the economic and social challenges that followed in the wake of the pit closures in the region. Since 2006 he has also been a prolific contributor to the BBC Radio 2 "Radio Ballads" series and he is generally a man that is involved in a number of different projects.
Jez Lowe performs both solo and with his regular band, The Bad Pennies, with whom he has played at Tønder Festival several times. He also tours in various other constellations, for instance with James Keelaghan and Archie Fisher under the heading Men At Words.
In 2014 Jez Lowe released the album The Ballad Beyond, which features a number of songs written for the above-mentioned "Radio Ballads" series. In December 2015 he released the album Cauld Feet Again Pet with The Bad Pennies, featuring songs from their Christmas repertoire.

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Jez toured Denmark with Kate Bramley in April 2017.


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