Johnston & Gordon

Johnston & Gordon
Johnston & Gordon is a charismatic Scottish duo, playing songs "fae Scotland and beyond". With a setup consisting of guitar, bodhran and harmony singing there is a certain resemblance to the now defunct trio The McCalmans - real, honest and undiluted songs, often with a political undertone and a  good measure of Scottish wit and self irony.
The duo consists of fellow Scots Euan Johnston (former stalwart of MacPolvo) and Andrew Gordon, whose paths crossed under different musical circumstances for more than a decade, until Euan in 2015 persuaded Andrew that they should do something together. Euan and Andrew each bring different approaches to the Scottish song tradition into their musical collaboration. The result is entertaining, moving and - when they get both bodhrans going - at times frightening! From songs about ancient conflicts, Scotland's rich and complex history and the joys and dangers of love to comtemporary Scottish songs about life and conditions in 21st century Scotland, the duo deliver a varied and authentisk extract from one of Europe's strongest song traditions. 
Johnston & Gordon have not yet released an album together, but are planning to go into the studio in early 2017. In 2007 Euan did relelase an album however, under the name of MacPolvo. It contains a mixture of Scottish songs (incl. Robert Burns' Now Westlin' Winds and the gruesome Twa Corbies about two ravens making a feast of a dead knight) and songs from the "neighbourhood" - England and Ireland. It is an overlooked gem of an album with songs in both Scots, English and Gaelic - including a very stripped down and beautiful rendition of the Irish song Siubhal à rùn.
Andrew also released an album of his own in 2007 titled You Don't Need A Beard (but it doesn't hurt) and has just released a live-CD - Live at Dunfermline Folk Club.
The duo toured Denmark in November 2016 and are preparing to record an album in the near future.


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