"Setting scary standards"
    – Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2
"The musicianship is phenomenal, the enthusiasm infectious"
    – Folk Radio UK
"Doubling the power of three"
    – The Scotsman
Talisk is a breathtaking young, Scottish trio that rapidly has achieved a major breakttrough. The trio was formed in late 2014 and won the Danny Kyle Open Stage award atCeltic Connections only a few months later. Later that year they won the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and at this year's BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards they are nominated for a Horizon Award.
Their repertoire spans Irsk and Scottish music played with a fascinating musicianship and dynamicism, and it is hard not to be captivated by their infectuous enthusiasm. Talisk played last year's Tønder Festival, where they did well so well that they were invited back again for 2017.
The trio consists of:
  • Mohsen Amini - concertina
  • Hayley Keenan - fiddle
  • Graeme Armstrong - guitar
Mohsen Amini is a true vituoso on the concertina and with an energy and charisma that makes him the trio's natural focus point. He was a well-deserved winner of BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2016 and is - without exaggeration - possibly the best concertina player in the world at the moment. In addition to playing in Talisk Mohsen is also a member of the "super group" Ímar.
In her stage appearance Hayley Keenan is almost the direct opposite of Mohsen, but make no mistake - her fiddle playing is the pefect match for Mohsen's concertina and is an essential part of the trio's sound.
Graeme Armstrong completes the trio's musical palette with his well-balanced guitar playing that resonates beautifully with the melody lines of the others and contributes to the band's incredible dynamic.
The trio released an EP, Pinnacle 67, in the summer of 2015, but their first full album, Abyss, was released the year after and was nominated for Album of the Year at MG Alba Scots Trad Awards 2016. A new album is due to be released in 2018.

What's up

Talisk will be touring Denmark in November 2018. Contact us for bookings and further info.
A new album is also underway and will most likely be released in autumn 2018.


Talisk quick info



On tour:
20th - 30th Nov 2018 (DK)

Festivals (DK):
Tønder Festival, 25th + 26th Aug 2017