For artists

I get several enquiries every month from artists looking for representation in Denmark and despite their obvious musical talents I have to turn most of them down, mainly because I have plenty on my hands already.
Therefore I kindly ask that you consider the following before you approach me:
  • Does your music fit into the general genre of music that the artists on my roster play? If not, then chances are you fall outside of the field I work in. I only work with acts, whose music I really like, so unless your music appeals to my tastes, I will not take you on.
  • Are you an all-instrumental band? I get loads of enquiries from young bands playing only tunes. You will notice that my roster contains few all-intrumental bands. I love a good song, and it takes a very special instrumental act to win me over (and the same often applies to Danish audiences, who also favour song-based bands). Unless you (honestly) can say you are something out of the ordinary, you will probably get a polite "no" from me.
  • What is your time horizon? I book a limited number (3-5) of tours each year and most of my tours are booked 1-1½ year in advance. Since I try to plan ahead as well, my available tour openings often lie 2+ years into the future. If you are looking for someone to book a tour in the next 3-6 months, I am probably not the one to do so.
I do my best to respond to all enquiries, but given the amount I receive, I cannot promise that I will in each case. Thanks for your understanding.
I can also recommend UK agent Jacey Bedford's music business help files for some excellent explanations of what an agent does and why you might or might not need one. Worth a read!
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