Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - Utopia and Wasteland

11-05-2018 12:00
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - Greg Russell & Ciaran Algars fjerde album, Utopia and Wasteland, udkom for en lille måneds tid siden, og anmeldernes lovord er formelig væltet ind i stride strømme lige siden:
"This is a poised and self-assured release, (don't forget they are only 24 and 22 years old), and one in which their maturing musical adroitness and talent is emphatically displayed [...] If their previous album consolidated and built upon their first two albums, then Utopia and Wasteland takes things to an even higher level. To their undoubted talents and technical skills as musicians can now be added well-developed singer-songwriting skills. This is an album to be savoured, confirming their place at folk's top table." - David Pratt, FATEA Magazine
" album that explores a formidable range of human emotions and political ideas, and one that flits easily between the minuscule detail and the grand statement. Above all, it is an album that identifies and engages with the problems of the modern world and insists that folk music still has an important part to play in confronting those problems. Algar and Russell have produced another compelling, wise, youthful statement; they are currently one of the most exciting duos not just in folk but in any genre." - Thomas Blake, Folk Radio UK
"Greg Russell’s voice and guitar simply mesmerise, while Ciaran Algar’s evocative violin intercedes surgically and, if that wasn’t enough, Mark Tucker’s percussion and bass lend discreetly elegant rhythm accents to this soundscape of memorable songs [...] The fifth star is for the courage of its politics — direct and honest to the point of hurt." ***** - Michal Boncza, Morning Star
"Utopia and Wasteland has a depth and maturity that represents a big step forward for this very popular duo" **** - Ian Croft, RnR Magazine
"Utopia And Wasteland is the mature work that we can now start to expect from the Russell & Algar combination. Russell the astute songwriter. Algar the ever evolving multi-instrumentalist and embellisher of songs. As a duo, they are steadily evolving into giants (let’s face it, Ciaran already has a head start) of the folk world." - Mike Ainscoe, Louder than War
"...produces both passion and presence and makes an incredibly powerful musical statement." - Tim Carroll, FolkWords
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