Ray Cooper - Between the Golden Age & The Promised Land

25-05-2018 12:00
Ray Cooper - I dag udkommer Ray Coopers tredje soloalbum, Between the Golden Age & The Promised Land, officielt (men de, der valgte at opleve ham live sammen med Leonard Podolak i marts kunne allerede der sikre sig et eksemplar).
Anmelderne har allerede kastet roser over det:
"...a majestic, tour-de-force of an album, destined, surely, to become one of the releases of the year [...] This is a wonderfully well-balanced collection, showcasing perfectly the consummate song-writing and musical skills of this multi-talented artist, an artist firmly at the forefront of contemporary singer-songwriters. The album delivers the aural equivalent of a wide-screen UHD cinematic experience, such is its richness, and it rewards the listener with the promise of songs that will long remain in the memory." - David Pratt, FATEA Magazine
"Legendary is a word oft-cheapened by inappropriate overuse, its status conferred without true reason. Although, when used to describe artists whose works deserve the accolade, those individuals demure and modestly reject its usage. It is my contention the music contained in ‘Between The Golden Age & The Promised Land’ from Ray Cooper deserves the tribute ... legendary now and in the future [...] The combination of Cooper’s deeply sonorous voice resonates the messages, coupled to hook-laden, instantly memorable tunes, to make this an album of outstanding quality and instant significance [...] prepare to be moved." - Tim Carroll, FolkWords
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