Martin Simpson - Rooted

23-09-2019 12:00
Martin Simpson,
Martin Simpson udgav 30. august sit senest album, Rooted. Her er nogle af de roser, anmelderne har drysset ud over det:
"Every track cuts like glass. The folk singer and guitarist continues his winning streak with a collection in which past and present, the individual and the communal, are entwined in an intricate dance."
- Clive Davis, The Sunday Times
" much variety in instruments used, musical cultures, tunes and musicians on Rooted, that it constantly surprises across thirteen tracks and fifty minutes. [...] songs that celebrate music, instruments and players. [...] Rooted, is another triumphant album from an artist still operating at the highest level anywhere in the world. [...] an album of rich material put to wonderful music that all combines to result in a release that is an essential career highlight from the most inimitable of musicians."
- Glenn Kimpton, Folk Radio UK
"His banjo and guitar - acoustic and electric - is sublime." ****
- Colin Irwin, Mojo
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