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  • Anmeldelser af Malinkys nye album
    20-12-2019 12:00
    Rootszone.dk har netop anmeldt Malinkys 20-års jubilæumsalbum, Handsel, og skriver bl.a. "Øvelse gør stadig mester, og det er til at høre på dobbelt- CD’en, at gruppen bare bliver bedre og bedre [...] Et dejligt dobbeltalbum, der må være et must under juletræet for yndere af den keltiske sangtradition!". Læs anmeldelsen i sin helhed her: rootszone.dk/dobbelt-cd-malinky/   Og det er ikke bare rootszone, der kan lide albummet:   "A bumper two-hour, two-CD, set celebrating 20 years of this great song-orientated Scots group. It’s super stuff. [...] ...this is a band with a great respect for the tradition." - Paul Mansfield, Living Tradition www.livingtradition.co.uk/webrevs/cdtrax402.htm   "Handsel – the name refers to a traditional New Year gift – is a really splendid album. Both the old and the new music resonate with the feeling of timelessness that makes folk music special." - Dai Jeffries, folking.com folking.com/malinky-handsel-greentrax-cdtrax402/   "This is how you do a 20th-anniversary album: with a nod to your past as well as your present, but also a tribute to the singers who inspired your involvement in traditional music – and a salute to those who will keep the tradition alive. [...] Of course, these folks aren’t just dedicated scholars. They can sing the heck out of these songs, individually or collectively" - Sean Smith, Boston Irish

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